Manage your engagements with a client-facing project board that eliminates uncertainty, promotes collaboration, and consolidates information for client access.

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Project board

Core Capabilities

Every Agency Ninja needs a toolbelt - OnboardNinja has you covered. All features and functions are purpose-built for agency needs and workflows. No more generic tools.

  • Client Onboarding

    Provide your client with visibility for the road ahead and ensure everyone is on the same page along each step of the way.

  • Engagement Board

    Present the roadmap on a weekly or monthly basis and grant your client full visibility to maintain alignment and collaborate effectively.

  • Preserve Context

    Sharing files over drive and email are often lost and detached from their context. Consolidate files and context for easy access and clarity. 

Impress Your Customers

Guide your new customers through a seamless project engagement with a client-facing project board that saves you time and makes you and your agency look awesome.

  • User view
  • Customer view


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    Meet The Team

    We're really excited to be on this journey to build awesome products that kick ass in the marketing agency world.

    • Omar
      Omar Alsayyed

      I love talking to customers, understanding their problems, and solving them in creative ways.

    • Ebad
      Ebad Khan

      Passionate about technology & business, and on a journey to try & build some cool and impactful tech! 

    • Klim
      Klim Kovalenko

      Ex-lawyer. Now, I build awesome SaaS products and lead business development efforts. 

    • Dmytro
      Dmytro Shepeliev

      I believe that a small group of experts could achieve astonishing results. So, here we are.

    • Max
      Max Toryanick

      The most exciting thing about this project is the challenge to keep it simple, yet effective. Let's go!

    Runs on Unicorn Platform